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Kanra-chan DEEESUUUU~ <3


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New Pokemon Center Goods!
I'm adding just a few more Pokemon goods from the Pokemon center and such! I dropped some prices as well.

Check it out! Pokedolls, clear files, etc.

The rest of my items are: http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/8228.html?view=125476   <--- plush, clear files, etc.

http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/7564.html?view=106636  <--- Posters post

http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/6869.html#cutid1 <--- Magazine spreads

  D1 Black/White Touya/Hilbert clear file $9

  D3 Black/White Touko/Hilda clear file $9

  D5Scraggy $18

   D8, D9 Emonga plush $15, Hitomoshi keychain $13

   D10 Pikachu bowtie plush $23, D11 Darumakka plush $20, D12 Meowth bowtie plush $23
  D15 Emonga hat $15, D16 Scraggy hat $15

  D17 Kumasyun fuzzy stickers $9, D18 Tabunne/Audino fuzzy stickers $9, D19 Scraggy fuzzy stickers $9

 D20 Touko/Hilda stickers $9, D21 Pikachu stickers $9
  D24 Halloween special ghost pokemon clear file $9 (POSSIBLY AVAILABLE, I HAVE TO CHECK)

  D25 Raffle prize Pikachu/Tabunne mini pocket file $7, D26 Gatchapon Mijumaru keychain $8, D27 rare banpresto plusle/minun prize $17, D28 Mijumaru bath toy prize $6

  D33-D36: Scraggy pin: $7 Teddiursa strap: $12 Kumasyun strap: $11 Kumasyun pin: $7
   D37 Pikachu Best Wishes clear file $6 (x2 available)
 D38 Zekrom clear file $6
 D39 Best Wishes clear file $6
 D40 Tabunne Pokedoll, D41 Emonga Pokedoll, D42 Tympole Pokedoll $18 each
 D43 Halloween Pikachu $25, D44 Hitomoshi Pokedoll $18, D45 Musharna doll (not Pokedoll) $25 (LAST I COULD FIND!!)
   D46 Pokemon Halloween clearfile $8
 D47 Polygon Pikachu keychain $8, D48 Polygon Mijumaru keychain $8, D49 Pokemon bowtie charms $12
 D50 Candle Pokemon set $12 (2 available), D51 Coffin Pokemon set $11, D52 Pikachu Halloween keychain $9, D53 Mijumaru Halloween keychain $9
 D54 Raffle-only Zekrom memo-file $5, D55 Raffle-only Pokemon Center Osaka sticker $6
 D56 Raffle-only large Pokemon Center Osaka bag $14 (2 available)
D57 Cincinno plushie $20 D58 RARE Prize-only Mijumaru plush from Osaka Pokemon Center $30
 D59 Zekrom pokedoll $35 D60 Reshiram pokedoll $35 (They are bigger and more expensive than normal Pokedolls)
 D61 Lapras Notepad $12