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Kanra-chan DEEESUUUU~ <3


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New Posters 9/22

New posters have been added and updated! 

Check out my other posts!
Inventory: http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/7138.html?view=88546#t88546
Magazine spreads: http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/6869.html#cutid1
Pokemon: http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/7284.html?view=86900#t86900

  B1 Blood C/Sacred Seven double-sided poster $7

   B4 Kimi to Boku/Uta no Prince-sama $7

   B5 Natsume Yuujinchou/... Guilty Crown? $7

   B7 K-ON! / Un-go $7

   B8 ??? $1

   B9 Uta no Prince-sama/Blue Exorcist $7

   B12 K-ON!/Starry Sky $7

   B13 Shaman King/Cowboy Bebop $7

    B14 Blue Exorcist/Blue Exorcist seiyuu $7


   B16 Uta no Prince-sama $5

   B17 Starry Sky (other side feature) $5

   B18 Starry Sky $5

   B19 Starry Sky/Inazuma Eleven $4

  B20 Inazuma Eleven $4

   B21 Kuroshitsuji (other side introduction) $5

    B22 Kuroshitsuji $5

   B23 Kuroshitsuji $5

    B25 Kuroshitsuji $5

   B26 Hakuouki $5

    B27 Hakuouki $5

   B28 Hakuouki $5

   B29 Hakuouki $5

   B30 Hakuouki $5

   B31 Hetalia $5

   B32 Hetalia $5

    B33 Hetalia $5

   B34 Hetalia $5

    B35 Hetalia $5

   B36 Blood-C $4

   B37 Blood-C $4

    B38 Blood-C (?) / Inazuma Eleven $4

   B39 Star Driver $5

   B41 Star Driver $5

   B42 Sacred Seven $5

   B49 Blue Exorcist  $5


 B52 Goulart Knights/Inazuma Eleven Go Poster $5

 B53 Blue Exorcist/Prince of Tennis Poster $7

 B55 Inazuma Eleven Go/Blue Exorcist Poster $7

  B56 Sengoku Basara $6
  B57 Fullmetal Alchemist $6
  B58 Fullmetal Alchemist $6
  B59 Fullmetal Alchemist $6
  B60 Fullmetal Alchemist $6
  B61 Fullmetal Alchemist $6
  B62 Hetalia $6
  B63 Hetalia $6
  B64 Hetalia $6
  B65 Hetalia $6
  B66 Hetalia $6
  B67 Hetalia $6
  B68 Hetalia $6
  B69 Hetalia $6
  B70 Hetalia $6
  B71 Durarara!! $6
  B72 Durarara!! $6
  B73 Natsume Yuujinchou $6
  B74 Natsume Yuujinchou $6
  B75 Starry Sky?? $6
  B76 Starry Sky $6
  B77 Hakuouki $6
  B78 Hakuouki $6
  B79 Hakuouki $6
    B80 Hakuouki $6
  B81 Basara $6
  B82 Basara $6
  B83 Basara $6
  B84 Basara $6
  B85 Basara $6
   B86 Basara $6
   B87 Basara $6
   B88 Basara $6
  B89 Kuroshitsuji $6
  B90 Kuroshitsuji $6
  B91 Kuroshitsuji $6
  B92 Kuroshitsuji $6
  B93 Kuroshitsuji $6
  B94 Kuroshitsuji $6
  B95 Kuroshitsuji $6
 B96 Kuroshitsuji $6
 B97 FMA/Hetalia $7
 B98 Prince of Tennis/Natsume Yuujinchou $7
 B99 07-Ghost/Valkyrie (Story??) $7
 B100 Seiyuu/Sengoku Basara $7
 B101 Code Geass/Natsume Yuujinchou $7
 B102 Casshern Sins/Hetalia $7
 B103 Seiyuu/Sengoku Basara $7
  B104  Kuroshitsuji/Macross Frontier $7
 B105 Gundam 00/Junjou Romantica $7

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hi. i'd like to ask. what currency is the dollars in ? and does it include shipping to Singapore? =D

if i get a few pieces, can i get a discount/combined shipping?

thank you~

Yeah, you can get discounted shipping, but the shipping isn't included. :(

Yes, sorry about that. Forgot that question. :(

hahaha that's alright ^^

im kinda interested in the B26's Hakuouki poster. Erm.. is it both-sided?

NA!!! then i cant decide which side to put up!!! >.

oh and also about the size, is it A4? or A3?

I think it's A3, that's the smaller size, right?

Hahaha actually A5 is bigger than A4 =D A3 is smaller than A4

I think they're A3 sized, then. :) They're bigger than American 8.5x11, but smaller than A4.

oh? but A3's 16.5 x 11.7 inches ^^

if it's A3 then that is niiice~ XDD

Uh... then I have no idea what the size is. ;; It's the size of a magazine page (there are two sizes for magazine pages in Japan?)

omg, i juz realized my reply didnt get thru and i actually waited for ur reply!! OH NOOOOO!! i hate my internet!!! @#$%^&*

grrrr!! btw, is B26 still available? =D

i was wondering if i get B16 too, would there be a discount? >.< i definitely want B26 tho ^^ or would u be interested in trades? =D

I'm so happy to see all these new things. I'm interested in a lot c:
Posters: B71, B72, B93, B105
And from the inventory: A34
Thank you,

Re: Great New inventory!

B71 is sold out!!! Sorry!! D: The total is $25 and you can send it to musaiyume@gmail.com with a list of what you ordered, your shipping address, and your LJ name! Thanks!

Re: Great New inventory!

I'm going to maybe wait a day or two just to see your other inventory because from tumblr I see you're getting a lot and I might want some. Is that ok with you? u.u; Do you know if you could put those on hold...I hate to be a pain.

Re: Great New inventory!

Yep, I'll put it on hold! :) Most of it is going to be Tiger&Bunny per usual, but there's some Natsume Yuujinchou and Durarara. I might be getting Durarara voice figures in, but I haven't decided.

Re: Great New inventory!

I'm trying to get a hold of Tiger & Bunny & Durarara stuff so I'm excited. Thank you so much! <3

Re: Great New inventory!

Posted everything~ :)

Re: Great New inventory!

Thank you! I was just wondering by any chance if you have any other Tiger character card. Also, could I get 1 Kotetsu flimstrip, 1 Barnaby filmstrip, and 1 Sky High filmstrip. Also, I'm ok with all those posters.

Re: Great New inventory!

Sorry all the card machines for T&B went out of stock really quickly. ;; I'm getting in a box of cards, though soon. I think it might include the cards from the show. There are two sets of the T&B cards coming out and I'll be getting both boxes. The new total is $50 and you can send it with a note including what you ordered, etc. as mentioned before! :D

Re: Great New inventory!

Thank you so much for the information! And I was also wondering, I ordered some other things from you around a week ago and they haven't arrived. Do you think they will soon? Sorry for the bother. Also, I will send the $50 in a few minutes.

Re: Great New inventory!

They should be arriving any day! There are some packages that haven't shipped, but yours was in the last batch that went out. We've been having some typhoon troubles on Lake Biwa last week, but the only orders that haven't shipped are those placed after the 28th. Please let me know if there is still nothing in the next week by about Thursday. :D

Re: Great New inventory!

Thank you! I just sent the payment for my new order along with a message of what i ordered! <3333

What would be shipping for B27 Hakuouki? :)

Shipping would be around $5 airmail! :)

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